Gender Male Mookie is a 25 year old male African Grey whose owner died recently. Hes a little nervous about stepping onto a bare hand for new people but steps up nicely….

African grey parrots for adoption in rock hill


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When you arrive for your appointment, you will be given a . Once you have selected an animal for adoption, you will proceed to the front customer service area to process your adoption. The first person to compete the adoption will be able to take the pet home. How can I see the animals at your animal care centers? Beginning August 1st, animals will be available for viewing by appointment at each of the seven animal care centers. You will be able to self-schedule an appointment on our website and select from available slots.


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The Joker — makes people laugh, plays practical jokes.

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Of course, our pet birds can certainly make us laugh out loud from time to time, whether they mean to or not. Some parrots species seem to especially fit the joker role more so than others.

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Take, for example, African greyscockatoos and macaws. And I once met a cockatoo that liked to surprise people who passed through a doorway by hanging upside down on the top of the door frame and swinging overhead, giggling with delight.

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Jokers do what they do for the reaction. The Kinesthete — loves to move, dance, swim, play sports. A lot birds take a liking to dancing and rhythmic movements — cockatoos, for sure; conurestoo.

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African grey parrots for adoption in rock hill: Parrots in Scotland | Find Birds at Free in Scotland's #1 Classified

Lories and caiques are prone to highly energetic play sessions and seem to especially love chasing and tossing foot toys around.

Throw in a love for water play, The mckinney escorts there are a lot more birds to add to this play type, from parrotlets all the way up to the big macaws.

And some birds love a dancing partner … well more of a swayer or head banger — opt for movements your bird can follow!

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For water-loving birds, try mixing up their water play for a little variety … one day could be a gentle spray bath; another could be shower time with you, or place a shallow bowl of water on a table top or cage floor and see if your bird cares to take a dip. The Explorer — goes to new places, meets new people, seeks out new experiences physically or mentally.


A lot of parrots love to go exploring, albeit, sometimes without the knowledge or consent of their people. Cockatoos, Amazons and cockatiels are just some of the species that seem to love a good walk-about in their home environment.

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  3. African grey parrots for adoption in rock hill:
  4. 3989
  5. African grey parrots for adoption in rock hill:
  6. This means they are spayed or neutered, off stray hold and have gone to dog playgroups at least once for dogs over 35 lbs.
  8. For example, wrap a Nutri-Berrie in a piece of paper and place a few about the floor of a room for your bird to unwrap and devour.

If you have an explorer play type in your home, a solid system of supervision is in order whenever your bird is out of the cage.

You can make exploring more exciting and emotionally rewarding by creating foraging opportunities.

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For example, wrap a Nutri-Berrie in a piece of paper and place a few about the floor of a room for your bird to unwrap and devour.

Or sprinkle some pieces of millet around the cage bottom place newspaper down if you have Nude girls germany 263 cage grate for your cockatiel or budgie to find. Explorer types also might take to puzzle toys toys that challenge their problem-solving skillsor items that take them places, such as climbing ropes and ladders.

  • African grey parrots for adoption in rock hill
  • Best 30 Birds For Sale in Rock Hill, SC with Reviews -
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  • African grey parrots for adoption in rock hill:
  • The Kinesthete — loves to move, dance, swim, play sports.

The Competitor — loves all forms of competition, has fun keeping score. If you have a competitor in the flock, foot toys are sure to please, as are destroy toys … some birds seem to have an internal stopwatch to see how fast they can destroy a toy.


The Director — enjoys planning and executing events and experiences, like throwing parties, organizing outings, and leading. Sounds like a bossy birdie, right? Many birds take on a directorial play persona at times, such as taking the initiative to climb down from the cage or play gym to explore or extending a play session by deciding if and when it is time to return to the cage.

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Toys to try: mirror toys — some birds like to chirp orders at their mirror reflections … again, a budgie taking on a penguin weeble-wobble toy simply exudes bossiness. Elena Khristova derivative work 6. The Collector — loves the thrill of collecting, whether objects or experiences.

Quaker parakeets are hard-wired to construct elaborate nests, complete with individual apartments. As for collecting experiences, all birds deserve positive experiences sprinkled throughout their day.

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That can be one-on-one interaction with you, a healthy treat or swapping out an old toy with a new one.

In addition to reconfiguring toys, and perhaps perches as well, your little feathered creator-type might also like transforming food from a solid into a semi-liquid by dunking it in the water bowl.

Toys to try: a daily offering of destroy toys, be it hardwood toys macaws, cockatoos, Amazons, etc.

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The Storyteller — loves to use imagination to create and absorb stories, in novels, movies, plays, performances. Hmm… this category seems to best fit the play style of a parrot that craves interaction via vocalization.

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